Release Day Review: On Shaky Ground by Andrew Grey (Giveaway)

Title: On Shaky Ground
Author: Andrew Grey
Release Date: June 14, 2019
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 70

Dreamspinner Press  |  Amazon

Martin Graham built his business from the ground up with hard work and intuition. Due to a degenerative eye disease, he’s learned to rely on his other senses to feel out the competition. To realize his dream, he just needs to broker one last deal… and finally secure an assistant.

Brock Littleton is desperate for money—desperate enough take the job no one else wants: assistant to demanding, fussy, intensely private Mr. Graham.

Everything about Brock gets under Martin’s skin in ways he never expected, making him realize a successful business isn’t the only component to a happy future. But as Martin’s deal comes together, one of the prices could be the relationship with Brock that Martin is just starting to believe could be real.

Previously published in Boundless Love Anthology by Andrew Grey, November 2018.

4 Stars

Martin Graham is a successful business owner of an investment company he built from the ground up. He is trying to create a merger with another firm that would make Martin a major player in the finance world. Martin dominates in the domestic sector and having this new company will broaden their international reach. He has reduced visual acuity but can make out certain shapes. This eye disease is progressive and he depends heavily on an assistant to help him navigate both physically and professionally. The latest assistant quit and Martin goes through these helpers like water due to the brusque way he treats them. He now has to travel to meet with the owner of the company he covets and hiring someone quickly is imperative.

Brock recently graduated with his MBA and is desperate to work. He is disappointed to find out that the job he was so excited for is an assistant position for which he is very overqualified. Brock understands that Martin can be extremely demanding and impossible at times but he accepts the job as he is fearful of losing his apartment. Much to his delight, this position pays more than he expected and once Brock starts, he falls into sync with Martin. The previous workers were absolute disasters to Martin but he begrudgingly accepts that Brock is an exception. They work well together and both are secretly attracted to each other.

Martin rarely travels to conduct business with new clients preferring his senior staff to do the leg work. He does not want anyone’s first impression to be about his visual impairment. With this new deal, the CEO Cartwright insists that he meets Martin in person on his own turf and thankfully, he now has Brock to rely on. In time Martin succeeds with convincing this company to agree with the merger. During the negotiation phase, Cartwright admires how hard working Brock is and suggests to Martin that Brock should come to work for him in a position more fitting to his education in their Milwaukee office. At this point, the two men have fallen for each other. Martin has finally found someone he truly cares for and isn’t fazed by his sight issues. Will Martin allow Brock to make the right choice for himself?

You will have to read this charming and flirty romance to find out. I really wish this was a longer book as the characters were interesting and I would have liked the plot and the men to be more expanded upon. Overall, Mr. Grey did a superb job creating this loving couple and I heartily recommend this story.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement.***

3.5 Stars!

Martin has built his business from the ground up. He’s demanding, but is clearly a good leader and boss, with the exception of where his assistants are concerned. When he loses yet another one in a short time, he asks HR to find him someone that can meet his demands and perform their job without question. Brock is happy to get a call for a job interview, until he realizes that it’s for an assistant position. However, seeing as he needs a job badly, a steady paycheck until he finds something better will work for now. 

I liked that both men were honest with each other. Even at the beginning when Martin asked Brock about taking the job when he was clearly overqualified, Brock’s answer was straightforward and honest. I loved that they worked well together, and Brock was able to anticipate Martin’s needs. I thought it was a bit too easy how Brock managed to do everything so well, but was willing to overlook it with the story length. I liked that while they both found the other attractive, they kept things very professional for quite a while. Their awkward scene was better than I would have expected, and I was happy to see them find a good balance. 

All in all, this was a cute story. I enjoyed it and read it quickly. If you’re looking for a short story to introduce you to the author or just a quick afternoon read with zero angst, this story may be for you. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn’t a requirement. *** 


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4 thoughts on “Release Day Review: On Shaky Ground by Andrew Grey (Giveaway)

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